Welcome to the Melendez v. K Street Finance Class Website

This website contains information regarding a class action lawsuit filed against K Street Finance, Inc. dba Mullen Finance Plan in the Orange County Superior Court.  The case is entitled Melendez v. K Street Finance, dba Mullen Finance Plan, (Orange County Superior Court Case No. 30-2014-00722412-CU-BT-CXC).  The case was certified as a class action on February 3, 2017 and the class action settlement was approved on January 14, 2020.

This lawsuit was filed by plaintiffs Ricardo Melendez, Andres Orozco, Martha Lomeli and Carlos Cruz on behalf of a class of consumers who purchased a motor vehicle and, as part of that transaction, entered into an agreement subject to California’s Rees-Levering Automobile Sales Finance Act, Civil Code §2981, et seq.; whose motor vehicle was repossessed or voluntarily surrendered; who were issued a Notice of Intent to Dispose of Motor Vehicle ("NOI") by Mullen Finance from May 5, 2010 through August 4, 2016 that gave the consumer the right to reinstate the loan; and against whose account a deficiency balance was assessed. Excluded from the Class are persons (1) whose account were discharged in bankruptcy; (2) against whom Mullen Finance obtained a judgement in Superior Court; and (3) those consumers who appear on the Stipulation of Parties to Exclude Certain Class Members.    

Checks were sent to eligible Class Members on March 19, 2020.